Poultry Processing Case Study

Vogelsang IQ Pump Cleans Up for the #1 US Poultry Processor


Problem Summary:
A pump used for DAF was problematic, leaking from its seals and stator.


Solution Summary:
A Vogelsang IQ 112-81 Pump with CI housing NBR lobes and Duronite mechanical seals. Flow conditions 50 GPM at 40 psi.


The Customer:
The #1 broiler chicken producer in the US processes 175.6 million pounds of chicken weekly. The company's facility featured here from the Southeast US is one of 48 across the country.


The Solution:
The company needed to replace a pump used for DAF that was leaking poultry waste from its seals and stator. The pump had no markings or identification on it, so they could not contact the manufacturer for repair. The customer had prior experience with Vogelsang, having bought a pump the previous year in a different application at the plant. They were confident that Vogelsang could help them clean up their pumping problem.


Advantages of the Vogelsang Solution:
Vogelsang was able to provide a robust pump that could fit in the existing footprint of the old unit. The IQ Pump has cartridge mechanical seals that would not be prone to leaking. The customer was impressed with how easy it will be to maintain the pump inline when the time comes.


Benefit for the user:
To date, the end user has not had to replace any parts in any of their Vogelsang pumps. However, they have not had to clean up any spills or messes from the pumps as they had to with their previous PC pumps


More about the IQ Series Rotary Lobe Pump

The IQ does everything that our industry leading VX design will but has a one-piece housing that is incredibly easy to work on. The IQ design works well in applications requiring a positive displacement pump up to 343gpm. All Vogelsang pumps can run dry without damage, self prime and run in forward or reverse. Vogelsang pumps are great for suction lift applications up to 25'.


The IQ features our standard 4-Wing HiFlo Lobe design. The pump delivers pulsation-free pumping action making it ideal for many applications.What makes the IQ a great advance in pump design is the simplified wet-end. We've eliminated 50% of the spare parts compared to traditional rotary lobe pumps. This translates into real savings when looking at overall operational costs. Read More



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Pulsation Free, Low Shear, Easy In-line Maintenance


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What makes this rotary lobe pump so special?

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