Dairy Waste Case Study

Oregon Dairy Streamlines Waste Truck Loading

Problem Summary: The dairy needed a way to easily and discretely remove waste from their facility.

Solution Summary: Vogelsang  Rotary Lobe Pump, VX136-210Q

The Customer:

One of America's largest dairy co-ops has been farmer-owned since 1918. Today it represents nearly 500 family farms across the Northwest, producing milk, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese and other dairy products. The company produces more than 1.3 billion gallons of wastewater annually.


The Problem:

With respect to its neighbors, the company wanted to keep their evening waste truck loading out of sight and out of mind. They also had solids of variable weight and size and did not want the hassle and increased time it would take to use several pumps to handle each type of waste.


The Solution:

Vogelsang representatives toured the facility and immediately identified the solution to the customer's situation. The VX136-210Q HiFlo pump with inline base and 5 HP motor was just the ticket. It has the ability to run 200 GPM @ 5 psi with less than 1% solids. The pump was customized to feature CI Injection A housings, NBR lobes, and Hardox wear plates.


Advantages of the Vogelsang Solution:

The VX136 pump is compact and capable of handling various viscosities. It can be serviced quickly and inhouse. Parts are readily available and there is longer runtime between required maintenance than with other pump designs.


Benefit for the user:

The VX HiFlo pump’s size enabled the customer to complete truck loading quickly and easily. They were able to pump a wide range of solids with one pump. And they saved time and money in maintenance since the pump was easy to repair and could be worked on according to their schedule with a minimum of downtime.


Find out how Vogelsang HiFlo pumps can decrease your concerns with wastewater so you can focus on production.



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