One pump does it all


Imagine being able to use one piece of equipment to pump grapes and juice throughout your winery. The Vogelsang HiFlo® Rotary Lobe Pump is capable of just that. The HiFlo® pump design is compact and available in various models to meet your size and flow requirements. Available on either portable carts or stationary units, we can configure a custom turn-key system that fits your requirements and works hard all over your winery.

One pump design for your maintenance team to learn and maintain, with a low up-front cost, and the ability to grow with your business.

Portable Wine Carts

The multi-use pump can also be mounted on a four-wheel 304 stainless steel cart that can have VFD with remote speed control, or a control panel or other controls mounted for quick connection. Hoses can take the same pump from must to pump-over and beyond.

Stationary Pumps

The HiFlo® lobe pump is compact and configured to fit in small hard-to-reach spaces and can be mounted in any direction to fit into your current pipe, tank, and crush pad configuration. We will work with you to combine cart pumps, stationary units, screw sumps, and controls into a powerful and simple set-up for your system.


Specifications: Vogelsang VX-Series Pumps - Request Pricing/Quote

Wine Pump Applications

The Pump for Must & Lees

The best pump to move must or lees is the one that handles them gently and delivers them intact without clogging, locking or losing flow/pressure. Unlike metal rotary lobe pumps, the HiFlo® pump has elastomeric coated rotors that gently move grapes and even whole clusters. Because of the elastomeric coating, the rotors are not affected by staples and other foreign debris so they don’t lock up to cause a stoppage right in the middle of crush. Centrifugal pumps used by many wineries need high RPM (1800 RPPM) to achieve adequate pressure, doing tremendous damage to your grapes. Our unique convoluted rotor design provides a large pumping cavity so our pumps do not need to revolve as fast (300-400 RPM) to achieve the appropriate flow/pressure (up to 4.400gpm) to move grapes and juice with minimal damage and low shear. Progressing cavity pumps tend to smash grapes and seeds, releasing oil and tannins into the juice that affects the taste of your wine, and can  also severely damage grape skins.  

Vogelsang pumps are also the perfect pump for lees. The HiFlo® design does not lose prime like a centrifugal pump is known to do as the solids become thicker as the tank is emptied. You can pump highly viscous lees solids without needing manual intervention.



The Vogelsang HiFlo® Rotary Lobe Pump is ideal for pump-over as it runs with minimal shear – the lowest in the industry. When used for pump-over, the Vogelsang HiFlo® Rotary Lobe Pump is pulsation free. The higher flow with lower RPM design means you can run pump-over and extract the most flavor from the must. In contrast, other pump designs such as progressing cavity, centrifugal and peristaltic pumps use excessive force to achieve adequate flow/pressure required. The more times juice is circulated, the more air is introduced -- it’s like putting your precious fruit and juice in a blender.

Our pumps are self-priming, up to 25’. They can also run dry for as long as 30 minutes preventing stoppage and additional maintenance.


Pressed Juice & Barrel Racking

The intermeshed convoluted rotors of the HiFlo® pump move in unison to create a constant flow rate, drawing juice into an expanding cavity, then pumping it out on the discharge end with less pulsation and high efficiency. This low pulsation makes it ideal for transfer of pressed juice and for barrel racking.

Our pumps are warranted against damage from run dry with absolutely no liquid for up to 30 minutes – much longer than you probably will ever need. This keeps your tank/tubs drier than other pumps. Progressing cavity pumps and flexible impeller pumps require liquid to be present at all times so you don't run the pump dry. You can start and stop our pumps instantly between batches without re-priming or damaging wine.




Vogelsang also offers Screw Sumps as shown in this video demonstration that features one of our cart pumps


No stoppages


Designed to eliminate stoppages, dry run, and self-prime up to 25’


Gentle Pumping


Vogelsang Pumps don't crush seeds and won't aerate your juice like other pumps

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