Vogelsang engineers products to stand up to tough applications. From pumps to grinders, we focus on robust designs that allow for easy inline maintenance.


The Complete Wastewater Package

Vogelsang’s complete line of rotary lobe pumps, twin shaft grinders, and maceration equipment can provide quick solutions for your sewage and sludge applications.


Rotary Lobe Pumps with Superior Features

Vogelsang has been manufacturing since 1929 and have learned a thing or two about rotary lobe pump design. Unlike other pumps on the market, the Vogelsang HiFlo® pump provide a multitude of standard design features and benefits that other products don’t include. Items such as adjustable housing segments, solid shafts without step-down, reversible wear plates, cartridge mechanical seals, and pulsation free lobes give our pumps the life you are expecting in your toughest applications. It doesn’t stop there. Through fluid dynamics we have reinvented the rotary lobe pump housing design resulting in the IQ pump.

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Don’t Grind When You Really Need to Cut

Twin shaft grinders provide a one-step approach to grinding solids, but sometimes it’s just better to cut. RotaCut® was specifically designed to not only size reduce your solids, but even cut hair, rags, and plastics that can get through your fine screens and into the plant. With its exclusive Automatic Cut Control (ACC®), the unit is designed to provide a sheer cut to anything in your sludge, reducing fibrous material down to a small particle size that will eliminate plugs in heat exchanges, valves, flow meters, etc.

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Not All Twin Shaft Grinders are Equal

We didn’t invent the twin shaft grinder, but we did make some much-needed improvements in a design that hasn’t changed in decades! Vogelsang XRipper™ was specifically designed to solve the common issues found in the grinders of today. Say goodbye loose cutter stacks that are common with systems that use individual blades and spacers.

Using Monolithic Ripper Rotors, XRipper has a simple, high-torque design that features 40-50% fewer wet-end parts than the competition. This means you can easily service the unit on-site—no more lengthy factor rebuilds or expensive replacements as with other grinders in the market. XRipper's drop-replacement design, means you can switch with minimal effort. 

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The most unique cutting and solids removal solution in wastewater


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Sludges, Scum, Dewatering Feed, DAFT, Septage, Solids handling and more

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