JWC Unit Replaced with XRipper

Twin-Shaft Grinder // Wastewater // WWTP Channel


(Above) JWC Blade Failure
Photo credit , Vogelsang USA

XRipper in-channel design with
one-piece monolithic rippers

Application Description:

Unit: XRipper XRL186-780QD
Specifications: 735mm (h) x 436mm (w) Inlet
Application: Wastewater Treatment Plant, Channel

Vogelsang’s twin-shaft grinder, XRipper, replaced a JWC™ grinder unit in a high-volume, high-grit wastewater application. This large channel mounted grinder unit operates in an Canadian WWTP facility.

Replacement Notes:

Previous Solution/Unit: JWC™ 40000 Series (also know as 40k)
Cause of Replacement: As a result of the high grit, the JWC™ unit required thousands of dollars of refurbishment each quarter.

The City said, “We looked at our previous unit like they give away the razor [grinder], but get it back in the cost of blades [replacements]. The XRipper is on pace to save us thousands in replacements long-term.

Vogelsang Advantages Solution:

The XRipper XRC 186 series grinder was retrofitted, requiring no rail system change and even utilized the same control panel; so no system changes were required. The system has been installed for over one year and has required no repairs to date. (10/15/2016)

The WWTP Superintendent has this comment ,“We are pleased with the decision to replace our existing unit with Vogelsang.”
Another motivating factor was the XRipper’s best-in-class, two-year, 100% parts and labor warranty. This warranty allowed the plant to establish a two-year fixed operational budget, with service and support covered directly by the manufacturer.

Estimated Savings or ROI:

A yearly savings of thousands of dollars. The Vogelsang XRipper eliminated the near-quarterly repair/ replacement costs associated with  the previously used JWC Monster Series model--not to mention the internal labor costs and downtime.

*JWC™ is a trademark of JWC Environmental, Inc. Costa Mesa, CA, USA. Vogelsang is not affiliated with JWC Environmental in any way.

In-Channel Grinder Demo Video