Twin-shaft grinders with individual cutter blades don't stack up to the Vogelsang monolithic cutter design

Traditional twin-shaft grinders utilize smaller, individual blades and components that are stacked on the shaft. Before long, these individual parts allow for gaps, uneven wear and ultimately poor cutting performance – and overall failure.

Heavy-Duty Solids Reduction
Vogelsang's XRipper™ grinder features two, one-piece cutting elements that are precision machined out of high-quality hardened alloy. These grinder cutters provide long-lasting grinding performance in the harshest  grinding applications.

Small Footprint, Higher-Torque
XRipper™ is also compact; having the same footprint of other common twin-shaft grinders, but with a wider cutting area and larger cutters that comparably generate more torque.

Lower Cost of Acquisition 
Keep your project costs down by choosing XRipper™. We offer a full line of grinder models with options that meet any application specification. Why go with a higher cost twin-shaft grinder that won't provide additional performance or longevity?

You watch this video which provides more insight into the monolithic ripper rotors and how they compare to the design of traditional systems.



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