Drop-in Replacement Grinders

Get a new twin-shaft grinder for the cost of a repair

Facing a costly repair or replacement on your current twin-shaft grinder? Stop there! We'll get you a new service-friendly, drop-in replacement unit and you'll avoid costly replacement programs or factory rebuilds.

Not only is Vogelsang's XRipper twin-shaft grinder designed to fit in the exact same space as your old grinder, we are currently offering new units at the cost of your repair.

How this works:

  1. Send us the repair/replacement quote on your current twin-shaft grinder
  2. We'll return a price-match offer on a brand new XRipper twin-shaft grinder that matches the specs of your current unit, including the grinder and motor. Additionally, you get:
  • A 2-year, 100% manufacturers parts and labor warranty, including wear and tear parts, such as cutters and mechanical seals
  • The options to re-use your existing controls, so not only does the new unit drop into place, it can plug into your existing set-up and be running in no time
  • Thousands in savings over the life of your XRipper through its reliability and lower repair costs

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Choose from a full line of XRipper Models:

Twin-shaft grinders for: headworks channels, inlets, pump stations, and pipeline applications

Easy Onsite Service

XRipper grinders don't require expensive replacement programs or factory rebuilds. With designs that feature 50% fewer wet-ends parts than the competition, XRipper is simple to maintain and service onsite.

  • In-line maintenance -- easily pull the unit from the housing or bracket system
  • Our one-piece ripper rotors allow for the cutting elements to be changed far more easily than other grinders that feature individual blades and spacers
  • Durable Cartridge Mechanical Seals that are easy to change
  • No lower bearing on in-pipe units


Unique Monothlic Ripper Rotors

XRipper is a robust, high-torque grinder. Both its performance and longevity come as a result of our one-piece, monolithic ripper rotors. Unlike units that feature individual blades and spacers, our ripper rotors will never loosen or require tightening because of wear. 


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